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Customized team appeal builder.
Anyone can be a designer.

Project overview


Custimoo is driven by the powerful emotions that unite people through sports.

Their platform empowers everyone to express their love for a sport or team and provides the tools to not only feel, whilst looking like champions.


With its user-friendly plug-and-play tool, Custimoo Builder streamlines the process of customizing team sportswear.

Design personalized apparel for the entire team, easily finalize the design, and seamlessly place an order for customized team attire.

Custimoo Builder

Empower your team with Custimoo Builder. Easily customize sportswear the way you want it.

Save designs for future use or order directly. Input player details for a truly personalized experience.


The admin panel provides product owners and managers with a comprehensive set of tools to effectively manage clients, track system activities, assign roles and permissions, and grant privileges to factories and vendors.

With the admin panel, factories and vendors can seamlessly oversee order preparation, manage product designs, and closely monitor order statuses.

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