Customer case

Mond of

Tailored Custom-Made Clothing:
Beyond Traditional E-commerce

Project overview


MOND of Copenhagen aims to provide customers with a personalized and convenient way to obtain top-notch, customized clothing that perfectly matches their individual style and body shape. By delivering a smooth online shopping experience and outstanding customer service, the website aspires to become the go-to destination for personalized clothing solutions.


Mond of Copenhagen surpasses the typical e-commerce experience by offering a personalized tailoring feature for high-quality custom-made apparel. Through an intuitive interface, customers can choose from a wide range of fabrics, styles, and customizations, while skilled tailors meticulously craft each garment to exact measurements and specifications.

Responsive Design and Enhanced Tools​

The website incorporates responsive web design to ensure optimal viewing across all devices. It enhances the customization process by seamlessly integrating a measurement system and fabric selection tool.



Streamlined Order Fulfillment and Enhanced Customer Experience

Secure payment processing and an efficient order management system are in place to ensure seamless order fulfillment.

The technical solution is meticulously crafted to provide customers with a user-friendly and personalized experience while enabling efficient website operations management.

Technologies Used




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