Customer case

Yellow Beard

Web and mobile-based applications designed and developed for a B2B coffee company that provides e-commerce, CRM and sales solutions for customers.

Project overview


YellowBeard is a B2B coffee solutions company aiming to establish a technology-driven coffee company that offers comprehensive coffee solutions to both corporate and individual customers.
Their vision encompasses a diverse range of offerings, including the sale of premium coffee beans, state-of-the-art coffee machines, and efficient maintenance services. To streamline operations and enhance customer experience, YellowBeard manages these services through user-friendly web and mobile applications.


We’ve developed 3 major applications for YellowBeard they have their web and mobile versions with different architectures and technologies


YellowBeard Smart®

This application has the following features:

Customer and Coffee Machines Management

Technical Service Dashboard Technicians and Services Tickets Management

Sales Service (Coffee Consumption, Sales Persons, Customer Agreements)

Payment Reports


An e-commerce platform for coffee-related products.
The Shop application, built with GraphQL, facilitates the sale of coffee beans and machines and integrates with external CRMs.

YellowBeard Mobile App

The combination of functionalities behind Smart and Shop, including the YellowBeard wallet feature for convenient coffee purchases through QR codes.

Available on Apple and Google Play stores

Download the app

Technologies Used









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