Certified software engineers.
Fixed monthly rate. Flexible terms.

Scale faster, and more efficiently

Spend less

Reduces operational costs linked to in-house teams, including payroll, training, software tools, and more

Save time

Speed up recruitment, workflow and project delivery, while saving time managing and supporting resources

Mitigate risks

Reduce risks related to recruitment and flexible to shift in business strategy and operating models

Achieve more

Get access to top talent, accelerate time-to-market, keep up with technology, and scale fast and flexibly

Setting up for success

How we hire


An introduction call where we discuss your projects, assess your need for developers and desired outcomes.



Tech Scale will start the recruitment process to find the best candidates for your projects



Upon agreeing on the right candidates, Tech Scale will test their technical capabilities and extend the official employment contract



Tech Scale will help onboard the new hires, providing ongoing support, development, and QA to ensure the highest quality of work 

Get started with tech staffing

Tech Scale helps you assemble your team of certified software engineers and outsource them to you at fixed monthly rate for as long as you need them.

The service includes:

We help you reduce operational costs, save resources and time, so you can stay focused on your other business objectives

Why outsource?

We understand your pain points

Building or rethinking your development setup? We know it can be a real challenge.

Perhaps you have considered freelancers for your projects but worry about team integration and quality of work. 

Maybe you are considering fulltime employees but feeling concerned about operational costs, commitment, talent development and recruitment. 

Talent acquisition is time-consuming and a bad hire can be expensive.

Outsourcing is the new normal

The IT outsourcing market is projected to show an annual growth rate of 8.07% (CAGR)¹ between 2023-2027. 

Business leaders, surveyed by Deloitte, primarily point to 4 main problems that IT outsourcing help them overcome. ²

Overall need to
cut costs

of executives picked cost cutting as the main reason for outsourcing development

Shift in strategy and operation model

of executives prioritized aligned vendor ecosystem capabilities to improve outcome quality.

Gain access to new capabilities

of executives chose to outsourcing to access to hard-to-source talent, experiences, skills, and leading technology

¹ Statista: IT Outsourcing – Worldwide
² Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2022: “Beyond outsourcing: Entering a new sourcing ecosystem”

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